Gail feels that everything's gone wrong. She refuses to be comforted by Suzie. Fred returns to the Rovers without the pigeons or the car. Annie cancels the Licenced Victuallers' supper and retires to bed with a migraine. Ivy is furious that Gail has broken the engagement off. She tells the factory girls that Brian wanted to finish with Gail. Elsie rows with her over who was to blame and who finished with who. Ken takes Deirdre for a meal but the food is awful. The police want £28 before they'll let the Rover go. Gail realises she's acted like a fool. Elsie advises her to apologise to Brian before she loses him forever. Gail tries to talk to Brian but he just asks her if she had a good time at the pictures. Annie gives Fred the money to retrieve the car and she tells him she'll be docking his wages. Fred doesn't think its fair and threatens to leave the pub. Elsie accuses Ivy of never wanting Brian and Gail to be happy. When Vera sides with Elsie the sewing room erupts into a row. Steve tells Brian that Ivy is making trouble at the factory and calls him a mummy's boy. Brian hits him. A punch-up develops and the window of No.5 is broken. The factory women pull them apart. Steve has a cut face. Annie speaks to Billy on the phone - he says he'll visit.


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