The Roberts return from Spain. Ken lends Deirdre books to help her teach Tracy to read. Annie agrees to lend Billy the money. An important order is returned to the factory as being substandard. Ken wants to take Deirdre to the local opera but she's arranged to go out with Billy. The factory workers fear for their jobs, as does Steve as he oversaw the order. Mike is furious about the shoddy workmanship. He tells the girls they're idle and tells them to start working on the Marshall's order as its the only one they've got left. Emily is stricken when Deirdre looks for somewhere else to live. Emily begs her not to leave - she agrees. Mike tries to get rid of the left-over order. Emily goes out so Deirdre can entertain Billy at No.3. Mike tells Steve that when the Marshall's order is finished they have no more work so will have to go on a three-day week. Billy tells Deirdre he'd like her and Tracy to return to Jersey with him.


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