Rita is determined to have a holiday. Fred agrees to give her a lift to the caravan. As Bet is on her holidays from work, Rita asks her to join her in Morecambe. Bet agrees. Ivy asks Mike for a better rate for the Brown's order as the girls are having to spend more time ensuring the garments are perfect but he's not interested. Len is furious when Rita and Bet go off to the caravan. Fred plans to have a lark with Rita whilst driving her to Morecambe and is put out to discover Bet's with her. Ivy threatens a work-to-rule. Mike tells the girls they can have a bonus when he gets paid by Brown's and not before. The order could make or break them all. Eddie gets a weekend job working for Pagliaci's ice creams. He shows off the ice cream van and tells the Ogdens he's going to use it as a cover to sell beer on Sundays. Hilda refuses to let Stan have anything to do with the scheme. Rita and Bet befriend two men, Alec Keegan and Tony Ball in the next caravan. Bet hopes they'll liven things up. Rita is annoyed when Bet encourages them.


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