Eddie and Stan pack up the beer selling because of the police. Len can't cope with looking after himself and burns the frying pan. Rita makes it clear to Alec Keegan that she is not interested in having an affair but enjoys a laugh with him. Bet is disappointed when Rita makes the men leave early in the evening. Elsie tells Ivy about Gail's affair with Roy Thornley. Alec and Tony Ball are locked out of their caravan so Rita and Bet let them stay as they're scared of prowlers. The men don't let on that they were the prowlers. Len has enough of being on his own and arrives at the caravan to find Alec and Tony in there together with the women in their night things. Alf has his first full-time day at the shop. Renee is miffed when Alf tells Ena all his business regarding how much he will receive financially as an Assistant Inspector in the GPO; stating that he could either get early retirement, with £1,800 a year pension with a £5,500 gratuity or he could medically retire with a lump sum of £6,000 and £2,000 a year pension. Rita is annoyed when Len doesn't believe her story and tells him Alec is her long-lost lover from Australia. Suzie demonstrates non-stick pans. Ivy feels that Gail must have known Roy was married and plans to tell Brian. Len decides to stay for the rest of the holiday and get Bet to return home.


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