With Albert away, Ken invites Deirdre for a meal. She is pleased. Suzie starts at Baldwin's Casuals, learning the machines from Ivy. The girls force her to make the tea for everyone. Betty's compensation from the Rovers' lorry crash comes through. The factory girls think Suzie got her job because Mike and Steve fancy her. Elsie asks them to give her a chance but they give her the runaround. Alf and Peter Webster from the insurance company settle on £800 compensation for him. Suzie shows that she's a good machinist. She is hurt when the girls seem to ignore her but refuses to let them get to her. Ken cooks Deirdre steak au poivre. Alf discovers Betty got £300 compensation for only a cut and he could have got much more for his injury. Deirdre gets on well with Ken and enjoys his company.


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