Minnie feels sorry for Joan Akers. Sheila starts encouraging Jerry. She reveals to Doreen that Edwin is a distant cousin. Emily enjoys herself making up a winter programme for the literary circle with Edwin. Swindley becomes jealous of the relationship. Len goes to court for assaulting Dave Smith and is bound over to keep the peace. Jack testifies against him. Harry also goes to the Magistrates Court to find out Joan Akers's fate. Swindley asks Albert if he can set up his campaign HQ at No.1. Albert thinks his party is poppycock and refuses. Jerry tells Len he fancies Sheila. He resolves to ask her out the next time he sees her. Len keeps out the way when she arrives at the yard a moment later to return Jerry's spanner. Albert applies for the vacant post of lollipop man outside Bessie Street School. Jerry isn't brave enough to ask Sheila so Len does it for him. Jerry is shocked when she agrees and they make a date for Saturday afternoon. Swindley grows despondent when Frank also turns him down. He's grateful when Minnie offers him the use No.5. Frank admits to Alf that he's feeling depressed on his own. Swindley arrives at No.5 with his campaign posters, promoting himself as "man of the people". Joan is remanded for psychiatric examination. Ena hears from Elsie that Swindley is taking root at Minnie's. She immediately goes over to tell her friend what's what.


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