Albert is staggered that Ken is taking Deirdre on holiday in the Lake District. Emily is shocked at the news but talks herself into liking the idea. Betty wants her loft insulating. Eddie says he'll do it for her cheap. Len agrees to her just paying for the materials, so long as it's done that day. Betty gives Eddie the keys and he starts to work. Ken hires a car to take to Ullswater. Eddie meets Herbie Cook who had the next cell to him in Walton Jail. Herbie is a down and out so Eddie makes him a cuppa at Betty's. Deirdre is upset when Hilda tells her Tracy won't know who to call "daddy" next. Herbie pockets Betty's carriage clock before leaving. Albert tells Ken he should be taking Peter and Susan on holiday, not Tracy. Ken tells him it's none of his business. Ivy can't bring herself to ask Gail where Brian is living. Betty discovers her carriage clock is missing.


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  • In a continuity error, Betty Turpin tells Eddie Yeats that she lives at 21 Hillside Crescent. In 1975 the address had been established as being at No 37.
  • Although scheduled, no episode was shown on Monday 23rd July 1979. This was due to a national one-day strike called by EETPU (Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications and Plumbing Union who handled electronics in the studios) and NATTKE (National Association of Theatrical, Television and Kine Employees) after rejecting a 9% pay offer from the ITV companies. Westward Television and Channel Television were the only companies still on air but they were unable to show networked programmes. The EETPU members had switched off studio equipment before the strike started and ACTT (Association of Cinematograph Television and Allied Technicians) members wouldn't switch it back on, thereby blanking out the screens. This day was within a series of incidents that led to the ten-week strike from 10th August onwards.
  • TV Times synopsis: Eddie Yeats lives to regret the day he invited an ex-prison friend round to Betty Turpin's house for tea. Hilda Ogden publicly insults Deirdre Langton over her forthcoming holiday with Ken.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 12,000,000 viewers (5th place).
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