Betty is upset over the clock as Cyril's friends gave it to them on their silver wedding. She felt she could trust Eddie and tries to believe he didn't steal the clock. Emily threatens Hilda with legal action if she continues to make wicked insinuations about Deirdre and Ken. Betty challenges Eddie over the clock. He realises Herbie Cook took it and begs her not to involve the police as they'll suspect him. Betty doesn't know if she can believe in Eddie's innocence. Ken, Deirdre and Tracy go to the Lake District. Ena surprises everyone by being glad that Ken and Deirdre are having a clandestine holiday. Eddie can't bring himself to grass on Herbie as he knows he couldn't stand another prison sentence. Ivy hears that Gail and Brian have found a flat in Stockport. Albert is annoyed to find he's got to have his meals with Ena. Betty decides to contact the police.


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