Episode 1933
Episode 1933
Production code P694/933
ITV transmission date 1st August 1979 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Ronald Fouracre
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 30th July 1979
Next episode 6th August 1979


Bert tells Ivy that Brian is moving to Stockport to get away from home. Hilda buys a chart to teach herself how to play the piano. Fred is furious that Eddie stole from Betty and threatens him. Eddie tells him about Herbie Cook. Fred warns him he'd better get the clock back. Len isn't pleased that Ken and Deirdre are away together. Bert tells Ivy that her selfishness is ruining their marriage. She breaks down and begs forgiveness. Hilda uses the Rovers' piano to learn Beautiful Dreamer. Gail is surprised when Ivy makes the first move towards a reconciliation. Annie stops Hilda from using the pub piano as she's putting the drinkers off. Mike's alarm at the factory keeps going off. Eddie tells Betty he can't find Herbie and asks her to wait twenty-four hours before contacting the police but she doesn't know if Herbie exists or not. Ivy tells Gail she'd be welcome to live at No.5 after she's married to Brian. Brian feels that he doesn't want to live with Ivy again.


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