Episode 1950
Episode 1950
Production code P694/950
ITV transmission date 10th December 1979 (Monday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Barry Hill
Writer Alan Downer
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Richard Holthouse
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 5th December 1979
Next episode 12th December 1979


Alf explains to Renee how he had some fun with Bet but she isn't impressed. Ivy is determined to go to France as she's senior machinist and shop steward. Ida decides she doesn't want to go to France as she's never left England. Mike organises a draw to decide who's going to France. Mike tells Steve he's too naive for the job. Steve tells him it's his fault for not delegating enough. Mike thinks he should move to the London office to help Eric Williams there. Deirdre feels redundant as Tracy starts playgroup. Bet is furious to discover Alf's been pretending to fancy her. Hilda demands that her name be included in the draw. Mike pulls the draw, Vera, Hilda, two machinists (May Thomas and Florrie Smith) and Eunice Marriott from packing win. Ivy tries to hide her disappointment. Paul Haines warns Suzie not to put people off buying the house. Suzie advises Steve to take the London job, to get away from Mike. Deirdre worries that once she's divorced she'll have to make a commitment to Ken. Mike delights in telling the girls the French trip isn't free, and will cost them £60 each. Steve tells Mike he will go to London. Elsie phones Suzie and tells her she's got until the end of the week to get out.


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