Elsie takes the dress to the cleaners after failing to scrub off the trifle stain. The Rovers is wrecked after the party, upsetting Annie. She feels the guests only came for the free drinks and takes to her bed. Concepta, Val and Len turn up to tidy it all up. At Miami Modes, Mrs Dumbarton searches for the dress having set it aside for the Lady Mayoress. Dot covers for an absent Elsie. The women restore the back room to order while Len does the dishes and starts the cellarwork. Annie thinks Jack did all the work and starts making it up to him but Len gives the game away. Frank worries that Florrie is still mooning over him and asks Alf for advice. Alf advises him to spell it out to her. Elsie nips out to collect the dress. Mrs Dumbarton examines it and notices it's been cleaned but lets Elsie off with a caustic warning. Swindley tries to find out about Edwin Birtles from Florrie but she isn't interested. Ena and Ken realise that Florrie is still after Frank when she puts extra items in his grocery order. Frank tells Florrie he was only after companionship. She lies and says so was she. They part as friends. Alf reveals in the Rovers that his wife met Christine in town looking for digs.


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Annie Walker: "Love, I remember the doodlebugs, the incendiaries, the flying bombs. The Blitz only seems as if it was yesterday, but never in my born days have I seen a battlefield like this room."

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