Jim Sedgewick renames the cafe "Jim's Cafe". When one of the girls can't go to France, Ida and Ivy both want the place. Mike tosses a coin. He tells Ivy she can go even though the coin comes up in Ida's favour. Elsie goes for an interview at a gown shop. She doesn't get the job. Hilda, Vera and Ivy leave for France and Vera tries to chat up the Coach Driver. When a lorry driver, Fangio, pats Gail's bottom, Emily threatens to throw him out. She tells Sedgewick the place is a pigsty and refuses to work in it anymore. Len tells Mavis that Rita will be back. Rita contacts Ralph Lancaster for work, telling him that she's left Len. He asks her to see him.


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Annie Walker: "What was that dreadful noise?"
Hilda Ogden "Oh, there wasn't none, Mrs Walker. It was only me singing."

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