Deirdre throws a party for Tracy's third birthday. Lorna Ferguson helps Stan tidy No.13 as Hilda is returning. Len tells Elsie he's angry with himself for letting Rita slip through his fingers. Hilda, Vera and Ivy return from France. Hilda is suspicious as the house is so tidy. She gives Stan a model of the Eiffel tower as a present. Len offers Rita's job at The Kabin to Elsie. She turns it down for Rita's sake. Fred tells Hilda he wants £3 from Stan. Mrs Bolton walks out of the cafe, leaving Gail on her own. Elsie agrees to join the staff.


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Eddie Yeats: "What's Hilda got to be upset about?"
Stan Ogden: "Nowt. But she'll find summat. She always does."


Elsie Tanner (to Len Fairclough): "We're like a flamin' see-saw, us two. One up, one down."

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