The Town Hall receives a letter from Charleville complaining about the workers' behaviour. Ivy tells Vera she's in trouble. Ena doesn't like the idea of living with Elsie but has little choice as the builders move into the Community Centre. Annie is ill and Betty and Bet have to man the Rovers. Vera worries that the Charleville police might be after her. Ena moves into No.11, horrified by the state of it. She sets to tidying up and stocking the kitchen. Les Carter, a reporter on the Gazette, investigates the French going-ons. Getting nothing from Bet, he turns up in the factory but an upset Vera and Ivy say they can't help him. Vera, Ivy and Hilda agree to keep quiet about the rave-up because they don't want their spouses to find out. Elsie welcomes Ena but refuses to drink in the snug with her when they go to the Rovers, even when offered Martha Longhurst's chair. Carter swears to Bet that he's going to get to the bottom of the story.


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