Len searches out Harry Bates to see if he's seen Rita. Albert thinks Deirdre is taking Ken for a ride. When the caller rings, Mavis tells him off for not turning up. She arranges to meet him again. Albert tells Ken that Deirdre is a load of trouble and advises him to stay clear of her. Len tells Annie that Harry says he hasn't seen Rita in years. Mavis waits in the same spot in the precinct. Eddie sees her and stops for a chat, the police jump him and arrest him for being the caller. Mavis follows them on to the police station and makes them see he's not the man. Gail discovers Brian has received a Valentine from an unknown woman. Eddie is shocked that the police think him capable of being a sex-maniac. "Lover-boy" phones Mavis and tells her he saw the police arrest Eddie. He tells her she's disappointed him and he won't ring again. She feels like apologising to him. Ken tells Deirdre he doesn't want to risk a third marriage and thinks he's too old for her. Deirdre is upset. Len is adamant Ralph Lancaster knows where Rita is. When Ralph offers him a woman from the club Len hits him. Ralph has him thrown out of the Gatsby Club.


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