Brian spends the night on the sofa. Deirdre goes to see Blanche so Mavis is alone again. She tells Len she can't cope so Len tells her to hire someone. Ivy wants to know why Brian and Gail are arguing. Mavis doesn't like Doreen Lovell who is sent from the Job Centre as she's bossy but Len takes her on. Len gets dressed up to go to the new Playmates club in town with Mike but Mike dumps him for a girl. Brian accuses Gail of being a nag. Gail is upset that Brian isn't saving properly. Elsie cheers her up by telling her it'll get a lot worse. A drunk Len tries to get Elsie or Bet to spend the evening with him as he's so lonely. Gail refuses to let Brian off the hook and makes his bed up on the sofa again.


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