Fred upsets Hilda by telling her Stan doesn't care about her and it's obvious she's spent her whole life supporting him. She is so angry she walks out of the Rovers in the middle of her work. Stan gets a letter from a solicitor asking him to call. Betty is furious that Fred has upset Hilda into resigning, especially as Annie is away and she's responsible for the pub. Ken tries to explain to Emily why he can't marry Deirdre. Hilda urges Stan to go to the solicitors but he fears they might have something on him. At the cafe Elsie is persuaded to take lorry driver Ian McAllister in for the night on a B&B basis. She enjoys the neighbours thinking she's taken him in permanently. Fred offers an apology of sorts to Hilda and she tells him and Betty she'll see them tomorrow morning. Pushed by an angry Sam Littlewood, Len decides to go to Blackpool to find Rita.


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Hilda Ogden: "I think I were fourteen when I first decided me face didn't suit me."

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