Elsie puts Dan Johnson up for the night, but tells him it's a one-off. Rita tells Len she's not returning to The Kabin. She tells Len she wants to be a housewife. Louise Clayton starts work at The Kabin, and she provides a record player so they can play the stock. Stan is unable to cash his inheritance cheque as he hasn't got a bank account. Annie cashes the cheque for him. Rita braves the Rovers' customers. She tells Louise she can stay on at The Kabin as she's retired. Rita tells Mavis she wants to start afresh with Len, away from the Street. Hilda threatens to leave Stan unless he shares the money with her. He gives her £20. Dan gives Elsie a new handbag and persuades her to let him stay another night. She worries about her reputation, but allows him to take her to the Rovers where Bet also takes a fancy to him.


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