Annie has the staff waiting on her lunch table to impress Olive Taylor-Brown although they fail to respond to her bell calls as they are so busy and Hilda has to step in. Bet flirts with Dan Johnson. He takes a fancy to her and asks her out. Betty warns her that Elsie won't like it. Fred is forced to chauffeur Annie and Olive to their Ladies' Evening. Dan tells Elsie he's meeting a mate but really goes out with Bet. Fred puts Annie's handbag on the car roof and it falls off when he drives away from the Rovers. Stan finds it and gives it to Hilda. Hilda sets off to the function with it as it has the tickets in it. Hilda saves Annie from the embarrassing situation and she gives her £5 reward and £2 for the taxi she had to use to the get to the Assembly Rooms. She also makes Fred chauffeur her home. Rita is pleased with the new kitchen. Len tells her that he's going to install central heating. Elsie sees Dan kissing Bet goodnight, she throws his things out into the Street and tells him that she never wants to see him again.


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Albert Tatlock: "Mrs Walker? You and your friend going to a ball?"
Annie Walker: "You could say that, Mr Tatlock, yes."
Albert Tatlock: "Where've you left Cinderella?"

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