Len is furious that the porn salesman managed to leave stock at The Kabin. He tells Mavis to burn it all but she points out it's sale or return and they all cost £10. Mike lets Ivy believe she's going to be supervisor. Emily admits to Deirdre that she feels trapped in the house with Tracy. Deirdre realises she's been taking her for granted and won't take the job. Mavis is aghast when the porn salesman offers her a commission for selling his magazines. She throws him and the magazines out. She complains to the salesman's boss. Aspinall's offers Pauline £10 a week more to stay but Mike offers £15. The salesman is sacked as he was moonlighting with Teaser magazine. When he threatens Mavis, Len throws him out. Pauline Stringer agrees to start as supervisor at Baldwin's. Deirdre decides to give up the Weatherfield Rainwear job. She and Emily contemplate starting their own secretarial agency when Alf suggests the idea. Ivy shocks Mike by telling him Pauline is a well known unionist.


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Alf Roberts: "Yes, Albert, what can we do for you? Half a dozen coughdrops or half an hour's grumbling?"

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