Episode 1983
Episode 1983
Production code P694/983
ITV transmission date 2nd April 1980 (Wednesday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Roger Jenkins
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 31st March 1980
Next episode 7th April 1980


Ida challenges Ivy for the stop steward job, causing both friction and anticipation among the factory girls. Albert doesn't like Ena staying at No.1 and urges Ken to get her flat ready. Flying Horse landlord Tony Hayes has challenged Fred to a barbershop competition and he tries to find a quartet. Ida wants the election to be a secret ballot. Alf, Bert and Eddie agree to join Fred in the quartet. Pauline Stringer holds the election. Fred sets up the competition for next Monday. The men are horrified. They practice, singing Sweet Adeline. Ena enters the Rovers and points out that Fred is out of key. The others agree and drop him. Ida gets 14 votes but Ivy wins with 17. The two make up. Pauline points out to Mike that the vote split the girls down the middle; Ivy won't be so confident from now on. Ken tells Albert that the decorators won't be starting on Ena's flat until after Easter. He breaks the news to her when she comes back from the pub. Ena angrily tells Ken that he and the committee have messed her about for long enough. She announces that she is going back to St. Anne's and threatens not to return. Fred and Alf realise nothing says the quartet must all be men and press gang Renee into joining them.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Vera Duckworth (about Ida Clough): "I think she's gone a bit power-mad yer know, since we let her decide what to have on t'sandwiches."


Annie Walker: "Sweet Adeline? Do you know, Fred, I think I've underestimated you. That is an excellent choice. I suppose it was the rich Edwardian flavour you've gone for?"
Fred Gee: "Well no, it's not that exactly, Mrs. Walker - it's the only music I could find, see!"


Ena Sharples (to Ken Barlow): "I've been mucked up by you and your committee for long enough. I'll be the one to say when I come back. If I come back."
Albert Tatlock: "What d'yer mean, "if" you come back?"
Ena Sharples: "I'm fast coming to the conclusion, Albert Tatlock, that the air up there is much more to my liking than it is round 'ere these days - an' you can take that any way you like. I don't suppose either of you thought of puttin' the kettle on, did yer?" (Final lines in series)

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