Rita is thrilled to wake up in a warm house for the first time in her life. Susan tells Ken that both she and Peter wish he'd marry again. She is angry that Ken doesn't trust her with Duncan Craig and makes him see that she isn't a child anymore. Duncan and Susan leave for Wales. Ken is pleased at Susan's mature attitude but Albert sulks that he didn't stop them going off together. Ivy snoops round Len's alterations at No.9 and is surprised that it looks so nice after having been catty to Rita earlier. Mavis fears no one will come to her party. When Rita sees the poor turnout she sends Len to the Rovers to press gang the regulars into attending. Bet is pleased when Dan Johnson phones to say he'll be seeing her soon. Mavis is thrilled when the guests arrive. She is touched when Emily presents her with a birthday cake and her friends sing Happy Birthday.


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