Dan and Bet have spent the night together. Hilda hurts Stan by telling him the idea of him having another woman is like expecting to find a whale in a tin of sardines. Gail is upset that the dinner party has to be put off. Renee is furious when Bet and Dan leave the flat in the morning through the shop in front of Annie. Eddie soft-soaps Hilda and she tells him that he can bring Pat Marshall round again if he wants to; she'll throw water over Stan if needed. Ivy tells Gail that she understands her frustrations about not living in her own house. Bet promises to keep her private life more private but Renee isn't convinced. Hilda and Pat get on well together and have a moan about men, ruining Eddie's planned night of passion. Renee decides to throw Bet out if she lets Dan stay again.


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Annie Walker: "Do you know what I always say about Bet? She can only be as outrageous as she's allowed to be."

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