Bet enjoys having a love nest with Dan Johnson in her Ludlow Avenue flat. Rita gets tired of looking after Mavis and gets Albert to sit with her. He makes her feel worse. When Bet is an hour late for work, Annie warns her not to let her love-life upset her working life again. Rita decides she's missed working at The Kabin and tells Len she wants to return permanently. She plans to supervise Mavis and Louise. Bet is upset when Dan has to return to London. Gail and Brian put the deposit down on a plot for a £16,000 house. Gail longs to live in 16 Willow Crescent. Ivy feels they're taking on more than they can afford, but Bert thinks they're doing the right thing by taking the risk.


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Hilda Ogden (to Vera Duckworth): "You're dead common you are. You're known for it. Folk have to wipe their feet when they come out o' your house."

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