Deirdre is amused to type a manuscript from a local authoress of racy stories. Arnold is impressed by Emily's work and gives the Bureau more jobs. He asks Emily out some time. The building society gives the Tilsleys a 95% mortgage. Gail is delighted. Mavis is annoyed that Rita has returned to work as manageress. Rita tells her it'll only be part-time. Emily is touched by a poem Arnold has written which she finds in his typing. Brian discovers they'll need £1,000 cash to buy the house and they've only got £400. Louise can't face the idea of working under Rita and decides to give her job up. She walks out. Len is annoyed and tells Rita it's her fault and she'll have to do the morning papers. Brian asks Bert to loan him £500 but Bert hasn't got any money. Emily agrees to go out to a pub with Arnold.


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  • This May Day Bank Holiday episode was transmitted at 7.00pm. As the episode was coming to a close, in London the SAS began storming the Iranian Embassy after a six day stand-off between armed police and terrorists who were holding and killing hostages. ITN asked ITV network control to switch to their live coverage of troops making a secret assault on the back of the building but were refused, supposedly because Coronation Street couldn't be interrupted. It was only after the event that ITN realised that if coverage had started earlier, the terrorists would be have been given prior notice of what was supposed to be a covert operation. At 7.27pm, ITV switched to the ITN coverage after the first three names on the credits list above had rolled across the screen and the rescue had started in earnest.
  • TV Times synopsis: Gail and Brian face a serious cash problem
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,244,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
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