Vera refuses to speak to Ivy. Ida enjoys mixing things between them. Hilda accuses Annie of victimisation. Annie is annoyed when some of the customers take Stan's side against her. Ken accuses her of being biased against the Ogdens. Mike invites Pauline Stringer out for a drink, telling her to break her date. Stan puts the price of his window cleaning up. Three of his customers refuse to pay and tell him not to call again. Ken brings Stan into the Rovers for a drink and tells Annie if she doesn't serve him then her regulars will walk out. Annie tells Ken it was merely a misunderstanding and invites Stan back to the pub but is not pleased with Ken. Pauline puts off boyfriend Roy to go out with Mike. Bert tries to get the deposits back from the travel agents but it's non-returnable. Vera is livid to lose the £60.


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