Episode 1996
Episode 1996
Production code P694/996
ITV transmission date 19th May 1980 (Monday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Tony Perrin
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Richard Holthouse
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 14th May 1980
Next episode 21st May 1980


Bert tells Ivy they'll have to pay the Duckworths' deposits back. Audrey arrives from Bury and Gail and Brian take her to see the house plot. Bet lets Keith Sadler use her board to iron his clothes. Dan Johnson turns up and catches him in the flat alone. Bet returns from the shops and is pleased to see that Dan is jealous. Pauline Stringer accuses Mike of trying to corrupt her with the high life. He tells her that he knows she's not really a socialist. She storms out. Ivy tells Brian to watch Gail, else she'll spend every penny they'll ever have, like her mother. He tells her lending him money doesn't give her the right to run his life. Bert wants to tell Brian about their holiday sacrifice but Ivy refuses to let him. Dan threatens Keith if he doesn't stick to his own flat.


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Guest castEdit



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