Bert is furious that Brian has taken the £300 for granted. Keith Sadler tells Bet that Dan Johnson has warned him off her. Pauline Stringer is annoyed when Mike is cool towards her. Bert tells Brian the £300 was their holiday money. Brian and Gail are stricken and give the money back. Pauline has to make the first move towards Mike before he asks her out for a meal. Gail and Brian ask Audrey to ask her rich fella for £300. Audrey confesses Alan has gone back to his wife. Bert tells Gail and Brian they can still have the money; the holiday wouldn't have been enjoyable anymore. The Ogdens go down with flu. Mike entertains Pauline at his hotel, the Brookhouse. Dan catches Bet talking to Keith and hits him. He tells Bet he doesn't want her talking to other men. She calls him a hypocrite, he packs and leaves, telling her that he can always find another woman like her.


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