Episode 19
Production code P228/19
ITV transmission date 15th February 1961 (Wednesday)
Writer Harry Driver and Vince Powell
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Derek Bennett
Producer Stuart Latham
Previous episode 8th February 1961
Next episode 17th February 1961


Harry loses the darts match because he moons over Eileen. Joe is offered a job in Newcastle with better money, but turns it down because of Christine. The Walkers entertain George and Hilda Davies with Annie and Hilda trying to outdo each other. Esther warns Christine that people are talking about her and Joe spending all their time together, but Christine doesn't care.


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  • This episode should have been broadcast live on Friday, 10th February, 1961 but a strike at Granada meant a programme change on that date and it was delayed until 15th February. The strike, which began at 4.20pm on Thursday 9th February, was in protest at a letter to seven men by an engineer in charge of them in which he expressed his disappointment that they refused to work an extra two-and-three-quarter hours on a play whose recording had overrun. The strike ended at 5.25pm the following day but the second episode of a film entitled Variety Jubilee and the scheduled episode of Coronation Street, both due to be transmitted that evening, were affected. In the place of the latter, Granada repeated Episode 1 to give, as a spokesman said, "a glimpse of how it started to viewers who missed the early episodes."
  • TV Times: No synopsis appeared in the magazine between Episode 3 (16th December 1960) and Episode 25 (6th March 1961).
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,338,000 homes (chart placing unknown).
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