Brian is angry with Gail for forgetting to take the pill. Emily finds it difficult believing that a man is interested in her. Gail is sad that Brian isn't happy about having a baby. She is stunned when he suggests she has an abortion. Ivy is horrified and reminds him that she lost three babies before he was born. Gail is upset that it was Audrey who first suggested an abortion. Ivy slaps Brian across the face. Eddie fixes the hanging basket up in Mavis's flat. Deirdre makes excuses to be out of the way so Emily can entertain Arnold. Renee pushes Alf to take up tennis to help him lose weight. He isn't keen. Ivy accuses Audrey of putting vile ideas into Brian's head. Gail refuses to talk to Audrey. Audrey accuses Ivy of poisoning Gail against her and breaks down. Mavis loves the chair, although it is a bit high. Eddie sits in it and brings the ceiling down as the joists are rotten. Len is furious and Rita tells a distraught Mavis that she can move in with them while the flat is repaired. Gail tells the family she's having the baby no matter what else happens. Audrey begs her forgiveness. They make up.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 7.20pm to allow for a feature-length film (The Wind and the Lion) to be transmitted afterwards and due to international football disrupting the normal schedules in the late afternoon.
  • Last appearance of Audrey Potter until 15th September 1980.
  • TV Times synopsis: Who does Ivy Tilsley give her son a slap across the face? How does Eddie Yeats bring Mavis Riley's ceiling crashing down?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 13,650,000 viewers (4th place).
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