The vendors tell the Roberts that the sub-post office in Grange-over-Sands is theirs if they want it - Renee can't believe it. Eddie forms his own company, and tries to sell shares in it for £10 a time. Mike chauffeurs Hilda around. She has her hair done for their night out at the Ristorante Roma. Stan is jealous. Mavis feels she's on her way to becoming an old maid and is upset. No one is interested in Eddie's company. Emily drags Mavis along when Arnold takes her out. Mavis feels sick in his car. Mike offers Hilda the £40 the meal will cost as he doesn't want to spend the evening with her. She tells him she's not stupid, but she wants the meal - she wants to spend an evening in style. He agrees. Renee decides to learn to drive. Mike ends up enjoying Hilda's company at the meal and the obvious pleasure she has during the evening. Emily tells Arnold she's become more fond of him. He proposes again and she accepts.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Hilda steps out on a big date and it isn't Stan who is escorting her. Arnold and Emily come to a decision about their future…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 13,650,000 viewers (2nd place).

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Mavis Riley: "To tell you the truth, Emily, I'm just scared of men. I've lived all my life with me skirt pulled well down over me knees's very sad. Not to mention a waste. And I just wish I could change before it's too late."


Hilda Ogden: "I'm not daft. Oh, I know I look it and I might act it sometimes, but, well I know that given the choice you'd sooner be sitting in an empty pub than here with me. But I want to go for this meal and I want to go with you because I want to go in style...and I know you know summat about style."
Mike Baldwin (smiles): "Then you've got it, Hilda. You've got it, darlin'..."


Mike Baldwin: "Money gives you confidence, just as much as breeding does."

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