Episode 2014
Episode 2014
Production code P694/1014
ITV transmission date 21st July 1980 (Monday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Chris Lovett
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 16th July 1980
Next episode 23rd July 1980


Alf tells Renee he doesn't like her driving with another man but she refuses to stop them. Bert works out for Brian how much his weekly outgoings will be. Stan and Hilda decide to invite Eddie to move in as they feel they're the nearest to family he's got. Betty worries about the Fletchers. Ken advises her to report their mother to the NSPCC. Brian discovers they'll have £17 a week left to live on. Gail is sure they'll cope. When Renee spends all morning driving, Alf storms out of the shop and drinks in the Rovers. He worries about money; he wanted £16,000 for the shop and is having to find £28,000 for the new shop. Hilda offers Eddie her front bedroom for £20 a week. He agrees. She makes sure he pays the rent to her and not Stan. Renee tells Alf he's pathetic being jealous of Jim Lorimer. He forces her to make a decision over accepting the Bannisters' offer. She does and they are reconciled. Brian and Gail decide not to buy the house. The Fletchers' "uncle" - Reg Sudworth - tells Betty to keep her nose out of the family's affairs.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Hilda Ogden: "Stanley Ogden, you'd find an excuse for not cleaning your own glasses if you had to."


Hilda Ogden: "Even when we'd never had it so good, some of us had never had it at all."

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