Episode 2022
Episode 2022
Production code P694/1022
ITV transmission date 18th August 1980 (Monday)
Storyliners Peter Tonkinson
Barry Hill
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Ken Grieve
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 13th August 1980
Next episode 20th August 1980


Gail and Brian move into 5 Buxton Close helped by Brian's friend Andy Rowlands. They haven't a bed and don't know if they can take the one at Ivy's house with them. With Annie and Betty away, Fred is instructed to take on a relief barmaid. The brewery sends Arlene Jones. Fred fancies her. Bet kids her that Fred has something mentally wrong with him. When some machinists fall ill, Mike mans a machine himself to get an important order out - the girls are amazed. The Faircloughs return from a motoring holiday to the news of Renee's death. The Tilsleys have a new sofa delivered. Gail is glad to be away from Ivy. Fred feels certain Arlene fancies him. Bert and Ivy give the bed to Brian and Gail as a housewarming present. Ivy starts to cry at the thought of Brian leaving home.


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Guest castEdit



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