Ivy works on her machine at work to make curtains for Gail in her spare time. Eddie is given a table on his rounds. Arlene Jones realises Fred fancies her and plays him along. Eddie sells the table to Gail and Brian for £5. He feels guilty as they're broke so gives them £2 back. Ivy is forced to tell Mike his machine work is not up to standard. He tells her that he's been waiting for her to spot that - he just wants to keep the girls on their toes. He withdraws from the machine room and gives the girls overtime. Brian carries Gail over the threshold. Fred gets Arlene to work late "tidying up". The girls finish the big order. Ivy tells Gail the first sensible thing Brian ever did was marry her. Fred is shocked to meet Arlene's big husband, Arthur who warns him off her. Arlene tells Fred the pub is grotty and she won't be returning.


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