Eddie pinches Albert's Sunday newspaper from his letterbox to save him buying one for himself. Alf tells Deirdre that he can't babysit as he's got Council business. Gail lays on a beef dinner to impress Ivy. Deirdre starts work at the Corner Shop. Audrey and her new boyfriend, Les Boden, plan to visit Gail and Brian so Ivy tells them that they're out for the day as she doesn't want the lunch spoilt. Deirdre takes Tracy on her date with Alan Skidmore. He is disappointed. Albert is furious to discover his newspaper crossword has been completed before being delivered. He realises that someone took it from his letterbox. Deirdre refuses to let Alan get too close to her. He tells her that he'll see her again when he's next in town. Ivy and Bert enjoy their lunch at Brian and Gail's house. Audrey and Les call round on the off-chance only to find Bert and Ivy there. Audrey is annoyed that Ivy lied to her. Gail is furious that Ivy told Audrey to keep away. Audrey and Ivy start rowing which upsets Gail. Gail tells Brian that Ivy is no longer welcome in her house.


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