Elsie tells Martin to stick to his guns and keep seeing Karen. Emily is alarmed to discover that Arnold has been telling people they're buying a bungalow in Derbyshire. She feels she doesn't want to live in the country but he tells her that she will. Fellow binman Johnny Webb needs somewhere to live for a couple of days as he and his wife have split up. Eddie suggests he asks Stan who agrees when he offers money but specifies that Johnny must leave before Hilda returns. Johnny pays £25 and Stan has to sleep on the sofa. Arnold asks Len to fit a new front door at No.3. He wants the house looking perfect for selling. Arnold shows Emily brochures of cottages in Bakewell but she doesn't want to leave the Street. Martin and Karen plan to continue seeing each other in secret at No.11. Fred scares Elsie with tales of the new police superintendent who is cracking down on shops selling alcohol and putting the owners out of business. Thinking of the trouble that Sgt Oldfield could cause Alf, she refuses to let Martin get into trouble and tells Karen she can't visit No.11. Martin accuses Elsie of being rotten.


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