Stan doesn't want to sleep on the sofa again and tells Johnny to leave by Friday. At Eddie's suggestion, he bribes Stan with more money. Martin and Karen continue to see each other in secret. Len puts a new glass front door on at No.3. Emily finds the new door sticks - she pushes on the glass panel, her hand goes through and she is cut. Arnold takes her to hospital. Angry Arnold confronts Len in the Rovers, telling him that Emily has had six stitches in her hand and the door doesn't fit properly. Arnold tells Len he may sue him, calling him incompetent. The residents see another side to Arnold in his anger. Martin uses his key to the Yard and entertains Karen there at night. He swears to Karen that he loves her. Arnold decides not to sue Len but swears not to pay him for the door. Vera decides to make mischief for Hilda and she tells Ida that she'll tell Maureen Webb that husband Johnny is staying with his fancy woman - Hilda.


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