Len starts work at No.11. Jerry sniggers when he says he's working in Elsie's bedroom. Len agrees to do the scenery for the play and volunteers Jerry for a part. Christine tells Elsie she fancies older men. Minnie tackles Jed about rent, asking for 30/- a week. He gets her down to £2. She worries how Ena will react to her new lodger. Annie asks Jack to retrieve her letter from Martha. Jack is embarrassed as she'll know he wrote it but gives in to his wife. Ken works on his novel at No.3 whilst Christine cleans up the house for Frank. Val finds them together and becomes worried that Christine is after Ken. Swindley finds canvassing hard work. Mr. Spinks carries on without him. Len removes a campaign poster from outside the yard which has been vandalised to give Swindley the likeness of Adolf Hitler. Jack owns up to writing the letter in 1942 and asks Martha to return it. Martha makes him recite the whole thing to prove his authorship. Len sells the remaining basins to a developer for £30 and enjoys telling Jed. Annie is pleased to have the letter back and grows nostalgic about the war. Frank thinks Val is daft worrying about Christine's designs on Ken. Val hopes that Ken and Christine aren't cast as the leads in the play. Nellie does Elsie a good turn by borrowing and painting acot for Paul. Len brings it over to No.11. Elsie gets ecastatic over the Cheveskis return.


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