Annie's bins are not emptied. The mess and smell upsets her. Sam Littlewood invites the Faircloughs for Christmas in Blackpool but Rita isn't keen on the idea of having another man to feed. She tells Len that she'd like to spend Christmas in a hotel. The smell from the Rovers' bins starts to infiltrate the bar. The accountant tells Rita that The Kabin makes 30% more profit than the Yard. Albert hears that Monty Shawcross died of a heart attack before setting out to London. Albert is now upset that he missed the parade. Annie gives Stan £3 to move the rubbish on his cart. Eddie and Johnny accuse him of strikebreaking and threaten to blacklist his bins. Stan leaves the rubbish alone. Albert feels he wants to make a tribute to Monty by laying a wreath at the Cenotaph in London. He plans to sell his Military medal to raise the money. Alf asks Annie to apologise to the binmen as he's frightened the Street will become rat-infested. Rita is angry when Len refuses to share the housework. She points out that she is the main breadwinner. The Coin Dealer offers Albert £21 for his Military medal - Albert can't believe it's worth so little but sells it to him. He decides to buy a wreath and lay it at the Cenotaph in Manchester. Rita takes Hilda on as a daily for two hours a day for £1.50 an hour. She decides to make Len pay for her.


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