Derek sends Mavis a Christmas card with his new address. She wonders if it's a hint. Mike refuses to back Frankie, he tells him he doesn't think he'll be successful with videos. Frankie is hurt. Dr. Crawford tells Stan he's overweight and he may have an allergy to beer. He tells him not to drink anymore beer until he sees him again. Bert worries that Fosters' may be laying off workers. He fears he'll lose his job. Ivy begins to worry that they won't be able to pay the mortgage. Arnold goes to Birmingham on business to pick up a load of parrots for Christmas. Emily takes over the pet shop. Mavis phones Derek. She hopes they'll get together for Christmas but he's visiting relatives. Stan is devastated that he can't drink anymore although everyone else thinks it's hilarious. Mike tells Fred that Frankie is a dodgy character. Fred asks for his money back but Frankie dodges him. Rita persuades Len to have Mavis with them for Christmas. An insurance man, Mr. Emery, calls at the pet shop telling a stunned Emily that Arnold's wife, Mrs Margaret Swain wants to finish her policy.


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