Episode 2059
Episode 2059
Production code P694/1059
ITV transmission date 24th December 1980 (Wednesday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
George Reed
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Richard Holthouse
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 22nd December 1980
Next episode 29th December 1980


Karen wants to apologise to Martin but he has gone to Birmingham. She decides to give his Jam record to one of her friends, Paul Sidall. Emily realises she has to contact the police but doesn't want to get Arnold in trouble. Hilda dons a new wig and dress for the party. Emily goes to the police and finds herself being interrogated by Det Sgt Simms. She has to force them to believe she is not stupid. Karen goes out with Paul. Eddie's binmen friends turn up for the party. Hilda is annoyed when no-one wants her food. Martin returns from Birmingham in order to spend Christmas with Karen. He finds her with Paul and shoves him across a table at the Rovers. Karen tells Martin he doesn't own her. Binman Barney Holt chats Hilda up - she is upset when Stan doesn't see him off. Fred makes a big play for Audrey at the Ogdens' house, but she escapes from his clutches. Barney pesters Audrey so she says that Fred is taking her home. Barney and Fred fight, ruining Hilda's party.


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