Bert goes for a job at a dairy but he is too old. Ralph Lancaster tries to interest Rita in singing in Stockport. She agrees but tells him not to tell Len. Frankie returns. He tells Mike the vice squad are after him. He tells him that his business partner Terry was also making blue movies using Gee Wizz Video Enterprises as a front. Terry has disappeared and Frankie refuses to hang around. Frankie swears to Mike he knew nothing about the venture. Len tells Rita that she can sing at Stockport when she swears Ralph isn't involved. Gail is adamant that Elsie will be Godmother despite Ivy's thoughts on the subject. Whilst cleaning at No.9, Hilda takes a phone message from Ralph. Fred asks Frankie for his £70 back. Frankie gives him a cheque back for £150, telling him that's what his investment is worth now. Fred is astounded and gives Frankie another £50 to invest. Hilda gives Rita the message, thinking Rita has a lover.


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