Episode 2068
Episode 2068
Production code P694/1068
ITV transmission date 26th January 1981 (Monday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Geoffrey Bentley
Director John Michael Phillips
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 21st January 1981
Next episode 28th January 1981


Eddie acquires an accordion, swapping it for a washing machine off the tip. The exhaust falls off Ken's car. Eddie and the dustcart crew, including Arthur Webster, enter the cleanest dustcart competition as the prize is cup final tickets. Father Harris sorts out the christening with Gail and Brian. Ivy insists on being around for the preparations. Dirk van der Stek tells Deirdre that he's staying longer in England and he enjoys her company. They arrange another date. Hilda tells Elsie that Ivy doesn't want her to be Godmother. Elsie drags Hilda to the Rovers to see Ivy and what she has to say on the subject. Ivy tells Elsie that she doesn't approve of her because of her morals. Annie stops them fighting. Alf can't babysit for Deirdre so she has to let Dirk down. He agrees to spend the evening with her in the shop. Hilda gives Eddie permission to clean the dustcart outside the house. Ken is jealous to see Deirdre with Dirk. Andy Rowlands points out that David's initials will be "DDT". Gail is horrified.


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