Ken books a restaurant to take Deirdre out to. Elsie is run ragged as Lorraine Tindall is useless. Lorraine agrees to go to Liverpool with Kevin, a lorry driver. Emily is pleased Ken and Deirdre are back together. The Brewery sends Gordon Lewis to the Rovers as temporary manager. He assures Annie that the pub will be safe in his hands. Elsie is furious when Lorraine walks out of the cafe early. Annie tells Fred that she's brought Gordon in as she doesn't trust him to look after the pub in her absence after previous problems. Deirdre gets ready for her date with Ken but he doesn't turn up. Mike invites her to join him for a meal. She goes with him. Ken breaks down on the moors. He is annoyed to have let Deirdre down. Deirdre and Mike enjoy each other's company. They agree to repeat the experience.


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