Lorraine Tindall fails to come into work at the cafe and Elsie can't cope on her own. Deirdre agrees to go to the pictures with Mike. Elsie docks Lorraine's wages when she turns up two hours late. Johnny Webb plans to leave Maureen and he contemplates asking Elsie to take him in. Ken apologises to Deirdre. They agree to make another arrangement some other time. Annie goes off on her cruise, she nearly misses her train as Fred thinks 13.19 is 3.19pm instead of 1.19pm. Johnny asks Elsie if he can be her lodger. She refuses to take him in as he's married. When Lorraine accuses Elsie of flirting with Johnny, Elsie sacks her. Gordon Lewis takes over the Rovers. He appears to have no sense of humour. Johnny makes up with Maureen. Johnny tells Elsie that his niece Sandra Webb needs a job. Elsie agrees to see her. Deirdre and Mike go to the pictures. They end up kissing in his car.


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