Elsie takes a shine to cafe customer Wally Randle. Gordon Lewis charms Betty and Hilda but shows contempt for Bet and Fred. Mike asks Deirdre for a meal. Instead of accepting she invites him for a meal at her flat, he agrees. Emily is upset that Deirdre is seeing Mike and not Ken anymore. Elsie takes a liking to Sandra Webb and takes her on at the cafe. Ken asks Deirdre out for the evening. She tells him that she's busy. Stan accuses Betty of short-changing him. Gordon sides with Stan and gets Betty to give him the extra money. An angry Betty accuses Gordon of making her seem dishonest. Deirdre cooks steak for Mike. He assures her that he isn't the womaniser that people think he is. He tells her that he fancies her. Gordon tells Fred that his cellar is a shambles and he wants it putting right. Ken sees Mike kissing Deirdre goodnight.


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