Deirdre isn't sure what Ken wants from her. Bert hears that Aspinall's are taking men on. Ken tells Deirdre that he'd like to end their open relationship and become unofficially engaged. Bert is too late at Aspinall's to get a job. He wishes that Len had told him about it earlier. Hilda is the only one not at odds with Gordon Lewis. He thinks business is slack and suggests hotpot suppers during the evenings, but with no extra staff to prepare it though. Emily is pleased that Ken has proposed to Deirdre. She pushes Deirdre to accept. Deirdre feels confused about her feelings. Elsie is pleased to discover that Wally Randle is divorced. She fishes for him to invite her out. Emily tells Mike that Deirdre is emotionally confused and asks him to stay away from her for a while.


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