Emily tells Arnold to leave her life but he tells her it's not possible. He is upset she reported him to the police. He tells her he has no regrets. Bet is upset when the customers don't show their gratitude in her return. She tells Annie she wants to leave but Annie sorts things out for her. Arnold is obviously mentally disturbed and frightens Emily. He tells her they must be together in the next life as well as this life. Emily threatens to call the police if he doesn't leave her. He physically stops her from leaving the house. He tells her he knows God wants them to die. She tells him she is not prepared to die. Wally Randle takes Elsie on the town. Sonia Price starts Yoga and Beauty classes at the Community Centre. Arnold urges Emily to pray with him before they commit suicide. She begs him to let her go. He demands to see her Bible. She tells him it's in her bedroom. As he goes upstairs she runs out of the house. She finds Len passing outside and hysterically tells him that Arnold is inside. Len checks but Arnold has already left by the back door.


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