Episode 2083
Episode 2083
Production code P694/1083
ITV transmission date 18th March 1981 (Wednesday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Eric Deakins
Director John Michael Phillips
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 16th March 1981
Next episode 23rd March 1981


Bet and Betty are amazed to discover that Fred has got a girlfriend. Rita gets a singing job in Eccles. Sonia Price thinks that Ken loves Deirdre. He assures her that Deirdre's in the past as far as he's concerned. Len agrees to Mavis going on holiday. Vera and Ida measure Mike's flat up for curtains. Rita refuses to do the early papers in Mavis' absence as she's singing - Len will have to do them. Emily puts an advert in the paper saying that she's changing her name back to Bishop. Mavis and Emily decide to go to Malta. Bet tricks Fred into telling her that his girlfriend is called Eunice Nuttall. At Mike's flat, Vera reads a letter saying Mike owes £1,300. Mike tells her that the letter is for the former occupant. Mavis and Emily book for the next day for two weeks in Malta. Deirdre is jealous that Ken is taking Sonia out. Rita tells Len he has to do the papers at 6.00am. Fred tells Bet and Betty that he'll bring Eunice into the pub to stop them joking about her.


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