When Len still refuses to meet Richard Dickinson's demands for an extra £1 a week, Richard brings the paper boys out on strike and blacks The Kabin. Gail assures Brian that things will get better as Nicky gets older. Annie lays on a duck supper for Eunice. She wants to make sure that Fred doesn't entertain Eunice in his bedroom. The Tilsleys get a huge rates bill. Gail is frightened to show it to Brian. Rita offers paper girl Penny Shaw an extra £1 a week on the quiet to do the papers but Richard frightens her off. Annie interrogates Eunice and encourages her to pursue Fred. Deirdre acts as hostess at Mike's flat warming. She is annoyed when Mike spends the time dancing with Sonia Price. Fred and Eunice enjoy their supper. She agrees to visit his bedroom but Annie spoils their plans by getting Eunice to wash-up. Gail shows Brian the £158 rates bill - he is furious that they're so in debt. Mike takes Sonia and the partygoers to the Panda Club, leaving Ken and Deirdre behind to wash-up.


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